People, Products And Processes

What's important in new construction?

The people who sit in the job trailers know, and many of themwould agree that these three core pieces combine to form a successful project,at least, ideally, that’s how it works.

You need the right people – the skills and talent, along withthe industrious, hard-working nature of your crew, to get everythingimplemented the right way. You need the processes – consistent standards bywhich you raise these buildings up. And you need the products, which is wherethe supply chain context comes in.

Over the past few years, supply chain issues have been comingup. In general, you always have to have a basic understanding of what yoursupply chain looks like. That's even more important whenyou experience sudden supply chain changes.

Big changes in the price of lumber or materials can have a bigimpact on a project. People can put in place escalator clauses for bonds, or other fixesto deal with the problems of cost adjustment, but at the end of the day,getting things on site is critically important, too.

Delivering a Variety of Products

As we work to provide new construction firms with what they needto build, we combine a variety of deliveries to make projects easier toimplement, and to give clients that confidence that they will complete aproject on-schedule.

That means supplying the raw lumber and other bulk materialsalong with specific fasteners, hangers and hardware. It means sourcingdifferent types of thermal wrap and other products to protect the building asit's being built.

Our Track Record

Around the Houston area and beyond, we are well known as asupplier that carries through on our word. Companies that have been lefthanging understand how important it is to have consistent delivery, and rely onus for that service.

Over 31 years, we have delivered to 300 different cities,provided 6800 estimates and helped with 3900 completed jobs. Those numbers arerising all the time, but it gives clients an idea of our expertise andbackground in this field.

When you want to make sure that you're providing the best valueto your clients, you want to know that you have a partnership with a consistentdelivery firm. That's where we come in. WJ Eastwood and Company keeps building animpeccable reputation job by job, and supporting business partners by settingthem up for success. Get in touch, and we’ll show you how.