Frequently Asked Questions

If the product is not on the site, do you still offer it?

We have such an array of products! Need to see if we offer something specific or custom? Call, use our contact form below, or contact us on Facebook.

Do you offer lines of credit? How do I set up an Account?

YES! Email us to request a credit form.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We have two in-house delivery drivers, also we can send as freight and drop-ship your orders to you!

How much is shipping/Delivery?

Shipping will depend on a number of criteria. Use our contact form below or contact us on Facebook.

Can I pick up from Will-Call?

YES! Our will call is open from 7:30 -4:30 Monday through Friday, but please call ahead so we can make sure we have your order in stock.

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Eastwood & Co

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