Part of what distinguishes the Eastwood & Co. track record is the company’s history of valuable relationships with major component manufacturers such as Simpson Strong Tie®, Tyvek®, Fypon® and other quality-oriented national sources of construction products.Another important component of Eastwood & Co. services is in providing take-off for structural hardware. This type of estimation is critically valuable in construction, and clients depend on a professional source for data on how to order hardware and weatherization items, to fine-tune a materials pipeline, controlling cost and maximizing efficiencies. Builders have a lot going on at any one time. They benefit from having trusted partners helping to evaluate their needs for a given project. The collaborative approach opens up avenues and opportunities for growth, and underpins the success of superintendents and job managers who are working closely with Eastwood & Co. people. There’s also the ability to shape and customize metal parts and flashing internally. That’s another way that Eastwood & Co. supports builders who are on-site, through being able to deliver these types of items more quickly, and with more accuracy, to a building space. That’s just one of the many planning items on a busy job manager’s checklist – but checking it off gets that project one more increment toward completion.

In general, Eastwood & Co. serves its customers by providing more than products. There’s a service approach to delivery that enhances what the company does for builders. Today’s business and economic climate requires suppliers to adopt a problem-solving approach, and to provide cost-effective business solutions. What’s the solution? Part of it lies in consistently finding ways to help customers reduce their cost of construction and improve their productivity. That commitment has been a hallmark of the company since its founding in 1987.

Construction product buyers have depended on Eastwood & Company’s service and reliable supply of specified products and other materials to meet demanding project schedules. The company takes pride in its on-time delivery of products at competitive prices. This service is all about making sure the project goes smoothly, on time and on budget. That’s something that requires a specific investment in planning: in cases where people doubt the process, bond enforcement may be necessary. But in our world, it’s a given that the project will be well supported to get the result that stakeholders are aiming for.

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