Four Kinds Of Deliverable Home Building Products

What do we deliver at Eastwood and Company?What don't we deliver, is a better question!

We are delivering in Houston and beyond everyday, with all of the gear and supplies that our clients need to buildconfidently.

Here are just a few of these items that wefrequently haul on trucks as we provide excellent customer services and supportto local builders.

Building Wrap

It's not hard to include things like Tyvek andTherma-wrap in our delivery runs.

Builders need these products to protectjobsites as homes and properties are being assembled. The continuous fibers ofthese products seal out water and protect the structure itself from theelements. That’s important as the unfinished structure doesn’t yet have thatcompleted envelope that offers real protection.

Including a few rolls of these types ofproducts on a delivery is a common part of a builder’s playbook. And when youneed more, just call us!

Joint and Rafter Hangers

These connective pieces are part of routineframing work, and serve a vital purpose in creating the durable framework for abuilding. We deliver joint and rafter hangers as well as other products like bolted beamties, along with everything else that we offer our builder clients.

Soffit Materials

Under your roof, you'll want this externalmaterial to run along the bottoms of an angled roof slab. Soffits serve avariety of important roles in keeping debris and pests out of the building andenhancing some sorts of weatherization. They are now a standard in building,and having the right quality and quantity helps with a finished result.


Having shutters to put over windows is animportant piece of design for storm-prone areas. There are various types ofshutters to choose from. In addition to shutters, we also provide otherlouvered pieces for excellent building results.

There is a value to being able to source building materials inone single delivery.

In fact, a lot of job planners know that job site deliveries areone of the important components of how work gets done on-site.

There are safety considerations to keep in mind and schedulingissues, too. When the materials are there when they need to be, it helpsexpedite the job and make things run more smoothly.

We’re proud of the customer service element of what we offerto our customers with daily deliveries in the Houston area. Take a look at theweb site for more on how we work and where we can ship.