Establishing Deliveries In Volatile Markets

Look, we understand this is a particularly volatile time for thebuilding industry as a whole.

You hear a lot about lumber shortages, new problems for buildersand logistics issues for job sites. We hear people talking about escalator clauses and all that, butsometimes the problem is that you need supplies quicker than you can get them.

But we are out there delivering every day. We’re extremelyactive in the Houston area, and we can also drop ship not just lumber buteverything else that you need, anywhere in the country, in general. Ask usabout the success of our delivery plans, and how you can get the confidence youneed in today’s building world.

The Track Record

Over 31 years in business, we've been active in 300 cities.We've done over 6800 estimates and completed nearly 4000 jobs in Texas andbeyond.

We’re not slowing down. Certain parts of the market may bedifficult, but the building industry is not grinding to a halt. Newconstruction is happening, and we’re a big part of it.

Customized Delivery and Consultation

Here's one part of how successful we are in the Houston area andaround the country.

Yes, we deliver stacks of lumber for framing, but we alsodeliver structural supplies including things like anchors, caps and fastenerslike bolts and nails. We also deliver a range of wrap products, includingtherma wrap and Tyvek, along with flashing and accents like louvers and trim.

What does this mean? It means that we’re able to meet yourspecific needs on a project by building a custom shipment for you. Gettingeverything at once can cut down on cost and headaches, and we can also talkwith you about how to source materials. If a particular thing is extremelyexpensive right now, there may be the possibility of substituting. Talkingabout your situation helps to brainstorm for additional efficiency and successon the job.

In addition, we have lines of credit, which is important if newcosts are driving concerns. We know that not everybody has endless cash on hand,and that's part of the logistical puzzle that's important in this business. Sogive us a call and let's talk about getting you everything you need to getbuilding projects done and not keep kicking the can down the road trying todeal with project delays! You’ll see why so many of our customers love our approachto a supply chain that’s stronger and more robust even in trying times.