Single and Multifamily Construction Products

Eastwood & Co. is a reliable source of products used in single and multi-family construction, and has a history of effectively working with contractors to meet project requirements. You can count on Eastwood & Co. for order accuracy, timely delivery, the ability to meet special needs, and competitive pricing.

Eastwood & Co. personnel are knowledgeable about product specifications, performance and construction materials. The Eastwood & Co. inventory includes connectors, metal products, waterproofing materials, chemicals, safety equipment, polyethylene film, ventilation products, tools, millwork, shutters and other miscellaneous items. If your construction project involves wood to wood, wood to concrete or wood to masonry, Simpson Strong-Tie products, such as connectors, anchor systems and Strong-Wall Shearwall, Strong-Brace Wall, Anchor Tie down System and Truss Bracing systems are a universally recognized brand name.

For more information on each of these products, call 713-895-9100.